Thank you He's not very good at-", "He is not my friend. "No," Merlin tells him sweetly, just so he can hear him scream and cover his eyes ten minutes later. "Take my picture, please, even if you want me to go home. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. ", "I do?" Follows suit and Kelan almost looks away from this obviously intimate moment, but to be honest he's quite stunned. ", "Nuh," Merlin says, horrified to realise that most of his vocabulary has turned to sand. -__- You guys are amazing, by the way! "How do you plan to do that, Merlin? "We could not," Arthur says firmly and heads back to the intercom. That's no excuse.". "Also, it was my girlfriend Arthur phoned for help yesterday. To no one's surprise, something is bound to go wrong. Merlin returned to his scribbling. The vines find any Saxon knight they can, wrapping them up out of reach, but not killing them. "Just a bit, yeah," Merlin says and then remembers that he's not speaking to Arthur. He drifts away again not long after that, his hands curling against Arthur's side as Gwen talks at them, trying to keep him awake. "Not another teacher?". It took him years to persuade his mum that he was safe and independent, and it's not as if he's had any major problems, and he is sick of people assuming they know better than him about his own body. but there is also deeper stuff (for ex. I'm okay. Merlin's fingers are already starting to curl up when he leaves his desk, and it seems like common sense to get in the lift rather than try to negotiate five floors worth of concrete stairs, especially since the light is out over the gigantic orange number three some way below his feet, and really what kind of company colour-codes its floors, and why can't they use nice, non-eye-searing colours like blue and yellow rather than shocking pink and lime green and other hues never found in nature? "Okay," Merlin says. Merlin looks up at Arthur, smiling as well, before saying, "We need more men like you in the Royal Guard.". by Caledonia. When Arthur draws up outside Merlin's house, he's almost too cosy to move. But when the Pendragon family becomes the hired help, Merlin begins to notice things change, for better and for worse, and when Merlin and Arthur finally bond, Merlin is mugged and wounded. The crowning of the Queen Regent, Queen Hunith of Ealdor was much more grand. Y/N is the princess witch from fairytale island. Nobody gives him any work to do. According to some of the laundry maids, the Warlock told the King that if their wedding was anything more than intimate, he would back out of the engagement. He'll buy his own drink and then he's going to tell Arthur to fuck off for good. "Can he tell you his name and what day it is?" Please consider turning it on! he doesn't know what else to do and banishes Merlin, much to his friend's chagrin. Tra loro sboccia l'amore, un amore forte e passionale ma che incontrer non pochi problemi perch i demoni del. ", There's almost nothing Merlin can say to that, except, "Yeah, and mine isn't in Arrogant Pratliness. He hates it when he's self-deprecating. He feels awful, as if someone's squeezed the life out of him like he was a lemon, and he can feel the ache in his fingers and toes which tells him it's about to get worse again. "If they can't get you out soon, can you get them to send some food in?" You're the court physician. See? "Is she..", "A real dalek? Arthur rushes forward, panic etched onto his features, reaching out for Merlin, while Kelan sprints as fast as he can, rushing to protect his kings. "I've done it before," he tells them, trying to cross his arms, but Arthur's hit his stride now and there's not much he can do except sulk. Arthur sticks it to the side of his computer and makes everyone who passes his desk stop to admire it. When Arthur is captured by the druids, they want to kill him but Merlin decides hed rather keep him as a pet. Merlin babbles away in self-defence, and gets nothing but disapproving stares. "Okay," Gwen says. ", "I mean on a cable thingy," Gwen says, sounding hurt. And, yes, I am diabetic, and and that's why I grabbed this prompt, but I tried to avoid the urge to get too didactic ;). He's still fuming when he passes Sainsburys so he goes in and buys himself a huge bar of chocolate. Well, not exactly a friend - it's his sister that I'm-", "Dunno," Merlin says and accepts another bit of chocolate. "I just want cake," Merlin tells them and tries to pull the doors apart. Arthur growls. The git is already jabbing at the buttons, mouth tight with annoyance, and Merlin carefully considers whether or not it would be a good idea to lean against the back wall and if he'll be able to get out of the lift at the bottom if he does. Then I had to seek out my fortune in the wicked city and I was forced to live on the streets and beg for crusts - oh, wait, that's what you think my life is like. For breaking the lift, Merlin almost says, but then realises that he probably didn't stop it with his mind. His fingertips hurt from blood tests, and when he looks over the stranger's shoulder, he can see an ambulance parked outside. "We only got here five minutes ago and Morgause is still stuck in traffic somewhere.". His voice is dripping with sarcasm by the end of it, and Kelan really can't see how Merlin and Arthur are Every one knows he's going to choose Gwen, Or so they thought. The carpet is rough and prickly under his hands, as if it's sucking all the remaining sugar in his system right away, and he keeps shaking into the cold wall of the lift. Completed Mature Magic 336K12.4K39 A Merlin fanfiction where Arthur learns of Merlin's little secret. But thats only the beginning. Arthur Pendragon got on his knees to put a tired hand on his manservants chest. ", "Okay, but that was because I needed it. I'm off, by the way. Can Merlin protect his destiny, or is fate against him this time? What if she falls in love with the one, and only Prince Art Merlin embarrass a royal guest and Arthur has to "punish" him, but it doesn't go as Arthur planed. Kelan bows with a fist on his chest. I giovani cavalieri che si avventurano a Camelot alla ricerca di fama e gloria non sanno realmente qual il modo per entrare nelle grazie del principe. They'll still be there if he needs them again later today and as soon they get to the ground floor, he can get into the canteen and there's always chocolate cake and Barbara there likes him and will slip him an extra slice. When some of the new recruits notice the odd behavior of a certain servant towards their King and the other knights, they take measures in to their own hands to teach hi Merlin's secret is revealed to Arthur whilst on a hunting trip. ", "You tied a rainbow-coloured dalek to the roof of your car?". The grin that split across his face was wide and his cheeks hurt from smiling like that. When they go to Camelot to stay with a family friend, they both find work in the castle. "You'll need to be supervised for the next day or so. Kelan knew the two were married, everyone in the realm knew that. "Oh. Is he playing to win the job or Arthurs heart? ", "You're supposed to eat at the same time every day.". On Fridays, Arthur talks to Merlin about football, in French, casting meaningful glances at Morgana at random intervals just to make her paranoid. The Druids CaptiveMerlin is raised by the druids and has never met Arthur. He took a deep breath and went to find someone to tell Gaius that his visitors were in his chambers and another servant to grab Arthur while he set off to ready the horses. He's never seen them show care or affection towards one another. The basement is huge and complex, with rooms within rooms and occasional strange corners where entire empty offices have been set up behind screens, dark computers and dusty desks and chairs that roll uneasily across the bare concrete when Merlin spins on them. "Eat that before it gets cold. He bounded off out of the room and leaned against the door. For that, Arthur makes him sharpen pencils all morning. God, he really needs that chocolate cake. Arthur turns around, smiling as well, before it drops because he sees what's behind Merlin, at the same time Kelan sees. , Elyan," Merlin breathes out, actually tearing his eyes away from Arthur to thank him. What if someone took his place? Please consider turning it on! "I'll get the first round," Arthur offers, which appeases Freya a little. Merlin FanFic Title: Broodmare Disclaimer: Merlin is owned by the BBC and other associated parties. Rating: NC-17 (18+)Warnings: Torture, Sexual Assault, Angst, Ritualistic Cannibalism, Dark and Sadistic Themes, Modern AU, Major/Minor Character Death, Self-Mutilation/Self-Harm, Underage Sex. Especially since the two don't act like they're married at all. ", "Now, you don't live alone, do you? ", "I know that," Merlin says indignantly. Their bodies ended up wrapped together, lying on the floor in front of the dancing fire. He eats it too quickly, feeling it cling to his tongue, sweet and cloying, and thinks,Take that, Arthur Pendragon! "Don't shout at him," a calm voice chides from the phone that's lying open on the floor. "Her hair isn't white.". Kelan's eyes go wide and Arthur gives an almost imperceptible nod to Merlin. There's a lot of yelling from the git, and Merlin leans back against the wall and blinks at him. "God, are you even going to be able to do your insulin?" "No. This totally overdoes the time Morgana almost groped John Barrowman. It wasn't even about Arthur. It was an incredible act of mercy. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. This is reality. Takes place in between Seasons 4 and 5. Thankfully, within a fortnight most people have stopped treating him as if he's about to drop dead at his desk. Welcome to my 100th fanfiction published on this website :), Knights of the Round Table & Merlin (Merlin), Gwaine Knows About Merlin's Magic (Merlin), Arthur Pendragon Finds Out About Merlin's Magic (Merlin), The Knights Find Out About Merlin's Magic (Merlin). "Non-magical defense is not my thing. Enjoy the rea Arthur and Merlin become separated at the Valley of the Fallen Kings. ", "You'd say that anyway, if this was a dream. I didn't mean to and I'll never, ever skip breakfast again, I swear on my life. "I thought we agreed you weren't going to tell me what to do any more? I. Dont. Merlin smiles incredulously, but also fondly, and replies, "Yes. It spoils the taste, you know. The git works at the other end of the office, and would be gorgeous if not for his personality. Arthur and Morgana's friends are all ridiculously good-looking. Kelan doesn't say anything, just stares at the two nobles in shock. Im telling you, Arthur, he will find me., When Will These Scars Begin to Fade? "I'm watching Torchwood". Summary:A spell so deep and dark causes all of Camelot to forget who Arthur is. Fine," he says and a smirk spreads on Merlin's lips, his mouth opening to say something but Arthur cuts him off, "But! Arthur grinned to himself as he heard Merlin hiss prat under his breath before storming out. The knight in question just puts his arms up and leans back in his chair like he was before, a small smile on his face as he seems content to just watch now. "Thought you might show up tonight," he murmured. Apparently it was Merlin's doing. He's trying to work out how much one will cost back to his side of town when Arthur says, "I'll drive Merlin home. ", "Oooh, I love that film," Gwen says, and then adds, "But it's only a film. They won't be up for hours, and they won't go to the library until three at the earliest. With a fiery personality and a heart t. Hunith never meant to favor her son over her daughter, and her daughter knew this, she understood sometimes she wished she had never been born. Merlynn, Arthur and the Knights go on a hunting trip, where Merlynn is injured in a fight against bandits. In the chaos that follows, Merlin ends up in the land of Hibernia with only Leon as company. He's. After that, it just gets worse. Lunchtimes aren't so bad, now Morgana's taken to joining them. The git mustn't attract attention. He gets two steps into the room before Freya tackles him, hugging him so hard that he's afraid he's going to fall right out into the corridor again. "Find Merlin" Well, fuck. The Warlock suddenly drops to one knee, hand pressed to the ground. "Uh," Merlin says, but the git is already pushing past him. ", "Yeah," Merlin mutters. "Are you stupid or just thick?" Fine," he says and a smirk spreads on Merlin's lips, his mouth opening to say something but Arthur cuts him off, "But! It smells really awesome by the way. Arthur chuckled. It's fun to watch and Merlin eventually figures out how to wind up both sides. "About time," Arthur tells him, and, to Merlin's astonishment, comes with him. No matter how hard you try and protect your people, there will always be men like him who crawl out from the woodwork and show only contempt for those beneath them in station. "Got some right funny looks on the way through Milton Keynes," Merlin tries, as nonchalantly as he can, and she laughs and digs out her phone. "This episode is tragic," Merlin informs him, breathing in tea fumes and huddling further into his corner. Merthur. > A knight has escaped his leafy shackles, and is barreling right towards Merlin's back. "Does it matter, if we're all going to get eaten?". "I might just do that," Merlin says and gets the lift down there, just because. They'd been bonding, he was sure. Then, with a hint of sympathy, he asked, "Claustrophobic? You have proved yourself to be willing to lay down your life for Camelot.". This is the tale of two very uncertain lovers still unsure about each other, especially considering that Arthur now knows about magic. Wild Enchaments Arthur isnt there when the strange magical being is first captured. "Certainly," says Arthur. Arthur can't tell him not to do that! Will Merlin make it through the twelve weeks without hearing the immortal words, 'Youre fired? He picks the sugar bowl up and moves it across to a neighbouring table. It's not as if his job is ever interesting - he and Freya have the same vague lack of a job description. - Jenifael34, Lyds29, TheNapkinsAtStarbucks, ehstraus, tv6re, CallMeCleo, kath_lyn4060, resverie, AriadneEcho, RoseWinchesterIsStayingAlive, PuggieParker, Bark1Bark, terinet, hermigg, Hoodiedork, unwantedesires, flohamvi, 00Ginger, thatbisexualkid_02, authoric_demon, Midilia, asterra, mld419, KamiFicL0ver, bo_b, breevee, WouldItWere, Zayebali, midnightslavenderhaze, SpaceTurtle12, lil_macaroon, Sho223, Bandnerd2001, Sishopper, Minipini, 07876, mygutsucks04, the_dreary_fandom_whore, AIC05, ferociousapplesauce, troylerina, SJ3, mamagma4, Magpie_Pen, I_like_bread27, Sauerteig, isniev, Keefe_a_keefe, ChildeOfSleep, aquastar, and 3401 more users A few years back, the Council of the Fey sent her to Auradon Prep to help her learn about those she are meant to protect. ", "Stay if you want," Merlin says quickly. Una storia che far capire al nostro re il suo amore per il bel moro. Two. Arthur sighs and leans his forehead against Merlin's, his eyes shut tightly. "You can't have cake," he tells Merlin. Surely they can't fire him for this, even if they did have to cut the lift open. "Right," Arthur says. Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Merlin Arthur Pendragon Magic. Back when they were seven and Merlin's mum wouldn't let him go on school trips unless he wore the special I am a diabetic! Their thick icing hangs heavily over their rippling flesh as they hunt, circling slowly as he flounders through a marsh of sugar cane. t-shirts she'd had printed, it had been Will's job to carry the spare glucose tablets and remind Merlin to do his blood tests. After the second piece, the world suddenly makes a little more sense. ", "Oh, God," Arthur says in faint horror. They are guarded, scarred and anguished. Elyan's already saying, "Cheers, mate," though, and the matter seems to be settled. "I'm Merlin. Someone will be around for the rest of the day? Then his eyes widen and he says, "Oh, shit.". Merlin asks and yelps as Arthur pulls him to his feet and propels him across the living room. "You can't sack me. When Merlin is assaulted by a guard, hes forced to use his magic in front of Arthur. Written for this prompt at kinkme_merlin, which asked for diabetic!Merlin stuck in a lift with Arthur. Keep going with the chocolate. He has a dead plant on his desk which he won't let Merlin water, and he always put the most cash in to any birthday or leaving collection (yet never eats any of the cake Merlin has to buy with the money). There are tables down there.". "Well," Gwen says. "Merlin, wake up!" The man groaned in response and turned on his side to avoid this conversation, only to inhale a fresh wave of water. Era da un po' che non scrivevo || M e r t h u r || M o d e r n - M u t a f o r m a A U || W o l f B o y || S o u l m a t e s || F o u n d F a m i l y || A z i o n e and S l o w B o r n || L e m o n || M e r l i n !PoV Finding HomeWhen Gaius retires, a new physician takes over, one that quickly kicks Merlin out of his room and takes it for himself, Arthur finds Merlin sleeping in the stables..and its winter. Be sure to browse the archive and the hurtcomfort tag for more. What will happen when Merlin quits his job as servant to the king due to feelings getting in the way? The world will stop wandering off in different directions from him and he'll be able to remember what his feet are called and how to stand up. ", "Actually," Gwen says. Se per un gioco del destino il principe si ritrovasse completamente infatuato del suo servo? ", "You'll never what?" He'll eat that first, then whatever variation of curry, pasta or hot-pot makes up the main today, and then he'll plead a medical emergency and go around for seconds. Merlin scowls and tries to pull away, not saying anything. He emails Arthur the result (6.2 and close to perfect) together with a really obnoxious smiley. Arthur stops just short of closing the gap between them. So you, er, have a degree? "By the time the git (his name is Arthur, Merlin suddenly remembers) runs out of chocolate, he's feeling better. They'd agreed Arthur was an irredeemable git on the day they'd both started, and she seems to view Arthur's sudden fit of completely unneeded and unwanted protectiveness as somehow being Merlin's fault. He hasn't done anything to get eaten by cake. No. Theres not death tag (yet? It's not every day that Merlin gets hit on by a sexy doctor, so he tries his best to charm Lancelot in return. Freya keeps shooting him reproachful looks over the partition between their desks. ", But there are laws about this, he's sure, even for temps. His mum would probably cry with relief if he brought a doctor home for Christmas. Leggete per scoprirlo! "He's still with the Princess, but I think Her Highness is just about to leave." Merlin nodded and stepped inside. What happens when the truth about Merlins family is revealed? The curtains were open, the air fresh, the candles lit. she does as much as she can herself or at least with the aid of a servant, but does her best not to put too much on them. Everything is super fluffy, I'm sorry! "I lived a quiet and happy life with my little white-haired mother in a . All of that was important to the story, yes, and to the legend it was based on, but as enjoyable . People Think Merlin and Arthur Hate Each Other. In the kingdom of Camelot it is getting closer for King Arthur choose a bride. "I don't know what his problem is," Merlin grumbles, passing the little complimentary biscuits to her. "Are you stupid or just thick?" There's nothing on the telly, so he starts a Torchwoodmarathon and only grunts at Will when he finally stumbles downstairs. Completed arthurxmerlin lgbtq merlinxarthur +7 more # 7 Watching Merlin's Life by NatashaB 2.4K 67 3 Sir Kelan could have sworn that King Arthur Pendragon and Court Sorcerer Merlin hated each other. ", "I'm not. I am not good at answering messages or Just a little something I write on when ever I got the time. as well as Seventeen Days After seventeen days, Merlin is finally rescued, but is he truly free? Arthur was the intensive red colour, a colour of passion and drama, but also representing strong emotions such as love, anger, courage and strength. Enter rich business man, and Merlins boss Arthur Pendragon. And he keeps standing there, even as Merlin splutters outrage at him. Non aveva parole per descrivere ci che stava vedendo il corvinouna parte di lui cadde in pezzi Kelan coughs to hide a laugh that threatens to escape. "Go ahead. Not everyone would be brave enough to jump in front of a sword like that. He stands there, catching his breath, before turning around to face his kings. I do not make any profit from this story and the plot is purely fiction. "Really, Merlin, how did you ever survive without me?" "Quite well, actually," Merlin says, trying to snatch his precious morning caffeine hit back.
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