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Sand Tires Unlimited Sport Tires of America Dune Sport 14.50 x 15" Paddle Tires With Number II Scoop. They are 10" 8 paddles if I remember right. They are essentially made of nylon which is soft and lighter than rubber. Maxxis . Mud/Offroad. obviously not talking about the trails i am those are 1st or second gear depending on your gearing A forum community dedicated to Yamaha YFZ owners and enthusiasts. sand devil paddle tires - Sedona is one brand everyones looking out for, especially considering its hard to find a reliable manufacturer when choosing paddle tires for dirt bikes these days. . document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 33 Must-Have Aftermarket Upgrades for Every UTV Owner, How to Install the RIDE System Rear Steering Kit on a Polaris Ranger XP 1000, How to Adjust the Camber, Toe, and Caster on a Side-by-Side, ATV Tire Size Explained: A Comprehensive Guide. We carry only the best ATV and UTV tires and wheels. All rights reserved. .wp-classic-pros-cons .wppc-btn-wrapper .jd-wppc-btn { For the best sand paddle tires in the UTV market, you can trust the industry leader, SANDCRAFT MOTORSPORTS. That will give you a larger contact patch than if you ran at stock pressure. High Lifter Outlaw 2 Tire - 14 and 16 Inch. Without much ado, let me introduce you to the wading designs that will change your riding experiences for the better. For our front Mohawks, the 31" tires weigh 18.8 lbs, 32" weigh 20.5 lbs and 33" weigh 21.7 lbs. ( 210-275 Wheel HP ), WHICH DESTROYER TIRE IS RIGHT FOR ME? .wp-classic-pros-cons .wppc-header .wppc-box-symbol img { $450. I personally am not impressed with them. Get the better, faster, and smarter paddle tires for your UTV. You get a huge amount of traction in terrain that tends to swallow up riders whole. Reply Quote. The front tire is smooth, except for two tall ribs that run around the circumference that allows the tire to knife in on turns. ATV Sand Tire and Wheel Kits, Sand Devil Sand Tire Kits - Tires-n-Stuff The amount of grip a tire has is highly dependent on the number of paddles but also the size of the paddles. We offer a wide variety of standard configurations that have been especially . is not in any way affiliated with Yamaha Motor Company, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. The Sand Star is ITP's original paddle-tire offering. When you check the design of a paddle tire more closely, youll realize that it has a number of convexities on the upper surface. Only show this user. Contents show. With paddles that are 15/16 tall, 1/8 thick at the base and 11 wide, the Rippers are designed to rip you out of the hole shot. Jeep & 4x4 Parts - 4x4 Tires - Sand Paddle Tires - Reno Off Road Similarly, in case you get lost, you need to be found. By Once she let her lips fall until they touched his thick, black hair and then, just a little, almost imperceptibly, she tightened her arms about his neck. 2. System 3 Offroad SS360 UTV Sand Smart Tires. Primarily, youll need an average number of paddles to achieve better grip. Quick View. Developed by our engineers specifically for the modern high-performance UTV, the SS went through months of rigorous field testing and analysis. Sand Paddle Tires | EFX Sandslingers. I want to go to the sand dunes in glamis and be able to make it up the dunes. Copyright 2021 SuperATV. How, then, do these tires work? While you can ride in the sand with dirt tires, having paddles is recommended since it makes riding the dunes easier and more fun. The 33 tall diameter provides additional ground clearance for further capability. Choose Your Size and Paddle Count Above. Select Options. I thought that the sand sharks hooked up a little better just because they were a little taller and it seemed like they flexed less. Compare. As far as turning I could not tell a difference. The rear sand tire features (15) 23mm (~15/16") tall paddles that are not overly aggressive, and provide a balance of traction and low drag. Likewise, most of the premium models are the ones that last. To complete the Destroyer set, the rear paddle tires are accompanied with our 2-ply rated (UTV specific) Mohawk fronts that help pull your front tires in 4-wheel drive and have been designed to eliminate the push when turning on standard buffed tires. Most, however, are constructed with hard rubber thats both strong and durable. Our best tires include Maxxis Carnivore, Maxxis Rampage, Pro Armor Crawler, System 3 XTR370 and other . These were purchased brand new last season and only have 2 dune trips on them. GBC Sand Devil ATV Tires ; GBC Shark Fin ATV Tires ; GBC Sand Skate ATV Tires ; GBC MudHog ATV Tires ; The exact pressure will vary depending on the exact tires you have, but 35 psi is a good start. Great package all around. > Contact Us Sand Tires Unlimited for a sandrail, rock Crawler, KOH, Ultra4, truck, UTV, side-by-side, dune buggy, mini buggy, manx, king of the hammers, 4x4 or Jeep. The front SS Sand Series tire weighs just 24.4lbs and is available in a 33x11-15 size. SAND PADDLE TIRE COMPARISON SANDCRAFT Skats VS SYSTEM 3 OFFROAD - YouTube The rear blades allow for the extreme versatility, powering . The first number (110) is the overall width of the tire in mm. They perform better than weaker designs. 15x10 with rear tire - 47lbs. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! This is large enough to sustain the riders weight and still maneuver the ground surface like a snake slithering through grass. High Lifter Outlaw 6-Ply Tire - 12 and 14 Inch. They are highlighted with tread designs on exterior surfaces to improve their hauls on surfaces. VW Dune Buggy & Off Road Tires: VW Parts | Sand Tires Unlimited | Quality Tire Sales and Auto Repair South Salt Nylon is moderately lightweight and hard. 15x7 with all hardware - 18.6lbs. In addition to gliding comfortably in the desert terrain, these tires work perfectly in off-grid topographies. Michelin StarCross 6 Sand Tire $95.99 - $112.99 $133.95 - $156.95 You save 28%. Maximizes hook-up for that all important trip up the hill! System 3 Offroad SS360 UTV Sand Smart Tires, Beadbuster XB-455 Bead Breaker for ATV & UTV tires, DragonFire Racing Kopa ATV/UTV Sand Tires. System 3 Offroad DS340 Sand UTV Tires. 102 Town Hall Drive, Kill Devil Hills Town Hall, Kill Devil Hills. Save Share. AMS ROLL'N 108 WHEELS & SAND KING TIRES - Dirt Wheels Magazine I am selling my GBC 20x11-8 Sand Devil paddle tires mounted on .125 douglas wheels. Sand Star Rear Tire 26x11-12 R/H (10 Paddle) - Fits: Arctic Cat 334735551255 BrianEb, color: #fff; And the one thing I always tell people(which is hard when money is tight) is buy the paddles you actually want b/c if you buy a cheap set you probably aren't going to want them for long, you aren't going to get your money back and then you will end up still dishing out the money on the paddles you really wanted in the first place. Enter To Win A Jeep Gladiator! This includes information about sand dunes tires, paddle tires, and other popular options for dirt bike riders. The other thing you need to pay attention to is the type of sand you ride on. The GBC Sand Devil quad sand tire features a straight-scoop paddle across the tread of the tire for even pulling in the sand. We took Juan Llamas powerhouse sand beast out to Pismo Beach, CA and got to see it perform Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. For over forty years, Skat-Trak has been developing and manufacturing custom Sand Paddle Tires for those who want excitement off the beaten path. GBC Sand Shark Tire | - TAP California Residents: WARNING. But where do you start? Too many paddles and youll be slow to get moving and never really get the flotation you need. Sand Tire Buyer's Guide - Dirt Wheels Magazine Youre not dreaming. Without water, you may not survive past a few days. Will I be able to turn with these tires? 32 X 13R15. Sand. 32 X 13R14. Paddle Tires | Rogue Sand Tires | United States The rear sand tire features (15) 23mm (~15/16") tall paddles that are not overly aggressive, and provide a balance of traction and low drag. yeah, i could get the left side on banshee in 3rd pretty easy. Be the first to write a review. This is the aspect that makes it possible for the tires to move on sand just like on normal ground. > Dealer Locator. I'd recommend 10 paddle Skats. 3rd? Desert Explorer tires are great for the occasion trip into the dirt. background: #ffffff; The Skat-Trak Extreme is one of the best ATV sand tires available. Your previous content has been restored. Quick View. Additionally, Vee tires are extremely powerful and can warrant a safe ride without getting damaged or worn out. 22-11-10 tires are used on Kawasaki Mule UTVs and they are also used the back end of several 2wd ATVs. font-size: 22px; I primarily like this model because of the great design the tires have. Is it loose and light? To prevent any of these from happening, its better that you keep your distance when heading out. Sand Tires Unlimited Padla Trak Tires 16.50 x 15 No.1 Some designs are built with nylon. Its tighter tread design is a nice balance or grip and flotation. 14x8 with front tusk tire - 35lbs. Feb 5, 2020. Deserts are sticky with sand. Found on both the front and rear tires, the Velocity Grid technology provides added biting edges for superior handling, acceleration, and braking. It is not uncommon to have requests for more or less paddles, or slight variations from standards designs to better suit your specific conditions. ATV Tires On Sale Now 20% to 30% Off Plus Free Shipping! Do You Need Paddle Tires in Sand Dunes? - Everything Sand Dunes We can help you get started right now. Buy UTV tires direct and get them shipped to your door step at > Shipping & Returns In addition to the revolutionary Velocity Grid design, the front SS also features dual apex turning ribs. Compare. The 2 ply rated casing is ideal for keeping rotating mass to a minimum. UTV Tires | DOT Approved & Mud Tires | Side By Side Stuff Thats quite the range for you to worry about. I bought paddles that werent skat, when i was 14 but that was 15 years ago and i have since grown up and gained knowledge. 30x13-14. In this case the height of the sidewall of this tire is 90% of width (110mm). NEW SKAT-TRAK 30" PADDLE TIRES - Free shipping on many items! they are way better than using dirt tires, but do not hook up very well at all compared to other paddles. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. SANDCRAFT Motorsports is the first to research and develop specific paddle tires and mate them to exact horsepower ratings for optimal performance. Reno Off Road. Cost was $800 new. width: 30px; The Sand Devil is designed to give maximum performance in any sandy condition. The tires are designed with right paddles on the surface to improve traction on sand. 14x10 with rear tusk tire - 46lbs. The Dakar is a cross-country style rally and one of the most difficult motorsport events in the world. Street-Legal. We are well aware of the unpredictable challenges that befall riders, particularly in remote locations. $654.99 $ 654. Consider this your sand tire guide. Paddle tires size and scoop configuration | race-deZert 22-11-10 ATV Tires - Pure Offroad This is critical to tailor your specific characteristics which results in more power to the ground and less stress on a UTVs drivetrain, transmission and belts. Heres what you can expect when you run sand tires: But how do you pick the right set for you? It was the first time either of them . Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. SMARTER. Select Options. The total price mounted and to my door was $278.74. The pricing of a tire can vary so much depending on which size you select so it makes it difficult for us to display pricing on each ATV tire. Home Height. Too many will render the tires useless. $51.15. Optimized paddle and cross section designed for the ultimate in sand performance. The second number (90) will be the height of the sidewall in comparison to the width, this is measured as an aspect ratio. Our 2-ply rated tires are the lightest, yet strongest, on the market. Paddle Tires are slightly larger compared to ordinary ones. By BrianEb, August 28, 2008 . The Greenball Sand Devil is an ATV/UTV tire with a paddle-style tread pattern for extreme mud and sand conditions. UTV Sand Tires - Dune Paddles - Tire and Wheel Packages Copyright 2022 Pure Offroad Inc.. All Rights Reserved. ATV Lift Kits for Honda, Rincon, Rubicon, Kawasaki, Mule, Teryx, Polaris, Suzuki, King Quad, Yamaha, Sportsman, Grizzly, Rancher, Brute Force, Foreman, RZR, Arctic Cat. And how do you know youre getting the best bang for your buck? Mailing Address: PO Box 5732. Sand or Paddle Tires. Skat Paddle tires - What # of paddles? | Wildcat Forum Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Tear up the sand with a set of paddle tires from Rogue Sand Tires. ATV Tires - Up to 30% Off Plus Free Shipping | UTV Sand Paddle Tires, Demon Edition Set - American Off-Roads Having the right paddle tire set up will give you far better control of your SXS and better overall performance. Select Options. SS "SAND SERIES" TIRE - Tensor Tire Paddle comparisons for X3 | Can-Am Maverick Forum For over forty years, Skat-Trak has been developing and manufacturing custom Sand Paddle Tires for those who want excitement off the beaten path. GMZ Sand Stripper TT Front Tire $199.00 - $209.00 $248.90 - $261.45 You save up to 20%. But it wasn't until the introduction of the 32 tall Desert Series (DS) race tire that hardcore enthusiasts and racers really began to give the brand some serious attention. Most people prefer to use paddle tires because they provide more traction in the soft sand. Add to Cart. They work something like a paddle wheel on a . We have one of the largest selections of ATV Tires available from all major brands and some not as well known brands. Best ATV Sand Tires For Dune Riding | Theyre both excellent (and damn good looking) beadlock wheels that are designed to lock your bead at low pressure. I am not going to spend over 1300$ for tires and wheels. I suggest hauler's though, I'm interested in them because I'm cutting short to a dune trip and looking for a cheaper set of straight paddles for the yfz, they were my first paddles ive ever bought. I have done no clutch work yet but will in the future. Center lug on front tires gives you excellent handling and more grip. What are you planning on doing with them? Free shipping. 99. Blade tires get their name for the blade or rib down the middle. Kyle from hits the dunes with two of SoCal's Original MotoVloggers - Suburban Delinquent and theKLEB. Paddle Tire in the Dunes! Glams with Suburban Delinquent and - YouTube Both sets of tires were mounted on AMS Roll'N 108 rims in 1410 and 148 sizes. There is not much of a difference. Best Dirt Bike Paddle Tires [2023] Top MX Motorcycle Sand Tires Guide 2018 can am max x3 poor mans mini trophy truck skat-trak warlocks the best sand tire ever. The Sand Tire Unlimited (STU) 13:00 Plus is a great tire.